Premium Collection– natural feather and down quilts and pillows

Do you dream of a blissful rest on a soft pillow -like a cloud? Or maybe you are looking for a perfect quilt – not too warm, not too cold …? Our PREMIUM collection are highly selected materials, ecological solutions and quality that impresses! Check what exactly our collection can offer and why it is worth reaching for it!

High quality of fabric and natural fillings!

Quality of  „Premium class”

The premium collection, as the name suggests, was created for those who value both closeness with nature and the highest quality materials. Quilts and pillows from this collection are perfectly selected semi -finished products to create a product for a demanding customer. For a customer who is looking for a high quality product at a sustainable price. For this collection, we only use fillings in the first class.  You have several types of premium collection to choose from. Filled with white 90 percent goose down with a filling power of from 700 to  800 cuin, and the other with a 90 percent white duck down with a filling power of 650 to 700cuin. If you want to take a closer look at these fillings, please click here

The collection consists of several dozen models of both pillows and quilts. Different shapes, sizes and fillings provide our clients with the possibility of choosing a product for its individual needs and expectations. In the collection you will find both smaller copies, e.g. for children, as well as huge marital quilts – to choose from, for color!

The feathers and down were washed out in 120 degrees C by min 45min. That is why it is deprived of bacteria and is safe for allergy sufferers.

The pillow is made in a 3 chamber structure. It has one internal chamber and two external. I mean, we have double protection against the peasant penetration. As if we had a pillow pillow. The internal chamber is filled with a small feather and the outer chamber in fluff.


The inner fabric is 100% cotton with a thickness of 130gsm and the outer inlet is also 100% cotton with a thickness of 150gsm. The outer fabric has fine peach finishing on its outer surface. It gives a delicate and pleasant feeling to the touch. Everything to soothe your senses!

It is a  100% natural product that will allow you to feel close to the cycle of nature in your bedroom!


The Premium collection is equipped with a practical suitcase. Thanks to it, transport and storage of products are extremely easy. In addition, you get a guarantee of up to 10 years of use! How is this possible? The raw materials from which our quilts are made undergo thorough selection and quality verification at every stage. We sew them in Poland, in a small sewing room, where we can pay attention to even the smallest stitch and every thread.

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