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DOWN DUVET200x200cm, Goose down, White trimming

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Simply — a quilt. Whatever tenderly you might otherwise call it, you have one thing in mind — the comfort and safety of your little baby. So it does not get cold or overheated. Sweat, irritation or (oh no!) allergies are all nightmares that can happen when you use synthetic baby quilts. But our 200x200cm down quilt is different.

  • 100% pure goose or duck down, without artificial admixtures or the addition of feathers. It is an unruffled softness.
  • Coffer construction — the seam divides the quilt into small grids and holds down throughout the quilt. Cold hands or feet? Out of the question.
  • Fluffy lightness — just a small amount of down is enough to warm the air in the quilt well. That is why our down quilt is lightweight. Let your little baby wriggle as much as it wants. Nothing will impede its movements.

What about down coming out of the quilt and irritating the little nose? We use an inlet of cotton batiste. It is delicate, but very tight. The down will stay where it is supposed to be, that is inside the quilt.


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Filling: 100% natural Polish goose down with 800 cuin fill power, French duck down with 720 cuin fill power.
Cover fabric: Woven inlet (100% cotton with 98 g/m2).
Sewing and finishing: We have finished Luxury Sweet Dreams quilts with inlet-coloured trimming to emphasise the whiteness of the fabric and to give quilts a subtle character.
Additional features: Our quilts are a hand-made products. We sewed them and filled them by hand.
Warranty: We give a 2-year warranty against manufacturing flaws. The basis for a complaint is the proof of purchase included with the purchase.
Maintenance: Wash in up to 40 deg. C, using a mild detergent (recommended liquid with lanolin, 1/3 of the normal amount) with the washing balls. Spin at minimum speed. Dry in up to 60 deg. C. After taking out of the washing machine, keep fluffing. If necessary, dry outdoors away from direct sunlight.


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