Dream Collection - pillows and comforters made of duck and goose feathers and down

Light as a feather, pleasant to the touch and natural… Such is our DREAM collection! What distinguishes it? Carefully selected duck or goose down – your choice, with a lower down content than in the PREMIUM collection, thanks to which you can get a more budget solution, while not giving up the natural filling! Check out why you should reach for pillows and comforters from the DREAM collection from Luxury Sweet Dreams!

Top quality at an affordable price

We create all products by hand, with respect for nature, choosing only the best materials. We are inspired by the idea of slow life and closeness to others. That is why we provide our customers with the best selected materials, made in the spirit of handmade.

Our Dream collection includes 14 excellent, soft and springy pillows made of Polish white goose feathers with 15% down and 85% soft, semi-fluffy feathers – in different sizes, and 11 different sizes with filling made of Polish white duck feathers also with 15% down and 85% soft, semi-fluffy feathers.

However, that’s not all! You will also find warm, breathable quilts in seven different sizes. Thanks to the fact that we offer the possibility to buy products by the piece, you can compose the perfect set for yourself, in the size of your choice! 

Regardless of whether you value a slight coolness in the bedroom, or you are always looking for warmer solutions, a quilt and a pillow with natural feathers and down fillings will be perfect for you! Their high thermal insulation properties perfectly care for the temperature during sleep.

Another characteristic feature of the collection, which is worth emphasizing, is 100 % cotton down proof fabric. Each of our pillow has a double wall, which additionally protects against passing the feathers. The edge is finished with a high -quality cotton trim.

All our pillows and quilts in the Dream collection have been packed in practical bags that will facilitate storage. Check out pillows and quilts from this offer and choose the perfect solution for yourself!

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