Luxury Sweet Dreams by AMIDOWN

Mullard duck downand feathers

Living according to the rhythm of nature

The white “Mullard” duck is most common in south-eastern Poland. With cold, piercing wind and rain, the climate does not spoil these ducks. Fortunately, their thick plumage is able to protect them from cold and moisture. It is no wonder that it is the MULLARD duck that produces light, warm and durable down for pillows and quilts.

We use our down only from companies specialized in this industry. Do you understand our choice now?


Dense, breathable down

Duck down has a very high filling power — thousands of feathered limbs in each ball intertwine to keep heat under the quilt. At the same time, duck down allows the air to circulate freely and drains moisture from the body. This way, you will not get cold or overheated while you sleep under our duvets.

Pure colour and no smell at all

The Mullard duck down is perfectly white and does not shine through the delicate covering of quilts and pillows. Do not be afraid of the characteristic duck smell either. We work exclusively with a manufacturing plant that has mastered the duck feather treatment process to perfection and completely removes its original smell.

Resilient, and high filling power

Duck down is slightly less elastic than goose down, but also provides a resilient filling. The high density of duck down causes that a relatively small amount of down provides heat during sleep. Down balls can float freely in the chambers of pillows and quilts, making them soft, fluffy and yet durable.

The Filling Power of the down of Luxury Sweet Dreams


Pillows and quilt with duck down are even suitable for people with allergies. We use a duck filling, which safety is confirmed by specialized certificates. Before duck down goes into your pillow or quilt, it is washed at 120°C to remove dust, bacteria and micro-organisms. The structure of duck down drains perspiration moisture and does not overheat your body, so house dust mites have no conditions to develop.

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