Luxury Sweet Dreams by AMIDOWN

About us

Hello! It is nice to have you here.

Luxury Sweet Dreams team is us: Milena and David, plus two great daughters and Coffe, the dog. We love the closeness of nature and pass this love on to our daughters. We live in the heart of Poland in a picturesque land surrounded by forests and lakes. We built a wooden house, which became an inspiration to create on many levels.

Why just down pillows and duvets?

Everything we create for you comes from love and passion for nature.

It is our way of life. 

We are inspired by life, we are inspired by nature, and we believe that shared social responsibility can change the course of our planet. Nature is and will always be an integral part of human life.

& Dawid

David in Milena's eyes

Lover of travels, good food, foreign languages, enthusiast of expeditions.

He loves meeting new people in their culture. He is interested in almost everything. He always says that he will go on a journey of life to the far ends of the world and I believe that he will succeed.

Just as I have strongly believed that I would make one of my dreams come true, namely to make my brand of quilts and pillows from the highest quality materials available.

He is as passionate about life, as he is passionate about the natural down and feather fillings. He has been gaining his knowledge for some 13 years now and when asked if he is still surprised by anything or if there are things he still does not know, he always answers that it is a great ocean of knowledge that he is always going to explore.

I love watching him at work. His commitment at every stage of the project, approach to business, talks with contractors. I am convinced that the success of every little contract is his own. Because business is really done with people and David puts the highest value on every stage of his life.

Milena in David's eye

Mother of 2 wonderful daughters, wife, passionate about photography, organizer and collector of everyday life.

A woman with quite an unusual sensitivity.  She always sees and notices more. 

Hard on the ground, responsible and quite well organized with luggage of personal experience and distance to life.

Logistics engineer by education, manager by profession. For many years working in a corporation, involved in customer service in the economic sector of transport and logistics. 

I wonder, how to put it for you in a few words what is my role in our project? 

This is a typical BACKSTAGE. An individual for special tasks. From the implementation of David’s ideas, their creation and binding. Brand building, content creation, social media, meaning all that your eyes can see. I am going to improve myself to create for you even better and more valuable products.



Could there be anything more natural than healthy sleep? But healthy sleep is not down to down pillows and quilts from popular chain stores. We wanted to create pillows, in which the words ‘natural’ and ‘ecological’ are not marketing slogans to boost sales, but the truth, which we can vouch for with our own word.

That is why we have created a small, family-run business where we take care of every stage of making pillows and quilts ourselves. We do not produce for the mass market, but focus on boutique buyers who value a certain quality. And we use the best filling in the world. It is down and feathers of Polish goose and Polish duck.

We want you to be as comfortable with our pillows and duvets, how we are in our wooden house. Can we invite you?