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Down and feather pillows
Dream inspired by nature

A short nap or a deep sleep? Luxury Sweet Dreams pillows will give your body maximum relaxation whenever you feel like relaxing. When you touch our pillow, you will feel the smooth white of cotton satin, and your eyes will be enveloped in a subtle inlet-coloured trimming. But what is truly remarkable is hidden inside our pillows.

3-chamber pillow design

Luxury Sweet Dreams down pillows consist of 3 chambers — 1 internal and 2 external.

External chambers — for comfort

We filled the outer chambers with 100% fresh, first-class duck down. Down melts gently under head pressure, which is why our pillows are so soft. The outer down lagging prevents the feathers from escaping through the pillow cover so that nothing can disturb your sleep.

Internal chamber — for health

The internal chamber is the heart of every pillow. Contains fresh duck and goose feather filling. The feathers are harder and more resilient than down. This way our pillows support your head in the right position and prevent neck pain.

All our products have been divided into categories

Koluda Collection

It was created for people who love the highest quality products. This is our best collection. Why the name Koluda? Because this is the name of our Polish goose, which gives us the best quality feathers in the world. Every pillow and duvet is filled with this feather and down.

The pillows are incredibly delicate, soft and light, and at the same time perfectly support the head in the perfect position, thanks to the inner chamber which is filled with short half-down feathers.

The outer chamber was filled with 100% Polish white goose down 900cuin, no discoloration, snow-white. Thanks to this, you do not feel pile of feather that is located in the inner chamber at all. The pillow is fluffy and delicate to the touch.

And the sheathing? Soft and pleasant to the touch cotton batiste. In the inner chamber, the cotton is thicker so that it does not let feathers pass through, and in the outer chamber, thin, delicate cotton. And we finished the pillows with a piping with an admixture of silk in the color of gold..

Check there to read about the details

Premium Collection

Second in terms of quality. In this collection you will find the most variants when it comes to filling, sizes, finishing pattern and others.

We use two types of fillings for the pillows for the inner chamber: delicate duck or goose down, both in the ratio of 30% down to 70% feathers.

For outer chamber – deppending on the 

The covers for pillows and duvets, of course, must be different. The pillow has its own rules and it is definitely a more difficult product than a quilt. You need to use the fabric so that short feathers do not pass through it, it must be delicate and quite thick at the same time. Ours is just like that.

Check out the quilts and pillows from this collection if you want a high-quality product and don’t break your wallet 🙂

Dream Collection

This collection is for people who want a 100% natural product, do not like synthetics and at the same time have a budget purchase.

Of course, the pillows are made in a 3-chamber construction. We filled the inner chamber with a mixture of half-down, short feathers with 15% down. We left the outer chamber empty. Thanks to this solution, we have double protection against the penetration of feathers from the inner chamber.

The sheathing is white cotton with a thick, downproof weave with a weight of 130gr. Such weight allows us to keep the feathers inside so that they do not pass through the fabric and at the same time it is delicate and pleasant to the touch. 

Like all our products, this collection is also signed with the Polish flag

Each product is packed in a storage bag,

Click on DREAM collection and lear more details about each product

Eco Collection

This collection is beyond the rest of the competition. We would place it on the same level as the Premium collection in terms of quality. But, of course, it is primarily the sheathing that sets it apart. It is 100% cotton but 70% of this cotton is recycled, the other 30% is new cotton. Fabric is delicate with a weight of 110gr, ecru color.

The pillows have a single-chamber structure, but are filled with 60% goose down. Thanks to this, the filling power of the pillow is very high and small feathers are not felt.

Pillows and duvets are packed in useful sleeping bag bags. We can definitely recommend this collection to people for whom the good of our planet is close to their hearts. But also for those who like to spend time in the bosom of nature, e.g. on camping or outdoor trips. Thanks to the well-designed bag, you can replace your old sleeping bags with our ECO products and enjoy the luxury and comfort of sleeping during your hikes or expeditions…

Choose a pillow to sleep low or high

For the internal chamber you can choose a filling with a predominance of goose or duck feathers. If you like to sleep high, we recommend more duck feathers. For those who prefer to sleep low, the advantage of goose feathers will be appropriate.

Feather pillows for safe sleep

Down and feathers in our pillows are cleaned of all substances and micro-organisms that can cause allergies or irritations. We have chosen the thickness of the cover so that even the tiniest particle of down does not get out.

A pillow that will stay with you for a long time

Luxury Sweet Dreams pillows are filled only with first-class down. We sew them in a small Polish sewing room with care for every stitch. This makes our pillows durable. With proper care, their lifespan is even 10 years.

Chambers in pillows Luxury Sweet Dreams

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