Koluda Collection –Sleep harmony in a luxurious dimension

Do you want to wrap yourself in the unearthly softness of undisturbed relaxation? Do you dream of a land of dreams, where subtle closeness and sensual elegance become a daily ritual? This is not another unfulfilled dream. This is reality woven in the intricate weaves of quilts from the exclusive KOLUDA line!

We present an extraordinary duvet made of Polish goose down from the unique KOLUDA collection by Luxury Sweet Dreams. The KOLUDA quilt is the CROWN among exclusive premium textile products appreciated by the most demanding customers around the world. Its nobility lies in combining the latest trends with the tradition of local craftsmanship. We have made every effort to create the perfect goose down duvet. And we succeeded! We will tell you more! This natural down duvet exceeded our wildest expectations and has undoubtedly become an indicator of unsurpassed quality.

An unrivaled quality experience

The KOLUDA duvet made of Polish goose down is a feast for the senses that you must experience to discover its refined taste. It is an unforgettable experience of exceptional softness and the highest quality that you will not find anywhere else. The nobility of a down duvet is due to the carefully selected filling and covering. For this purpose, we used the softest 100% goose down from the best Polish breeders. This snow-white down from Polish geese has a filling power of 900 cuins and a cleanliness of 1000 mm. It is the highest standards of parameters that make the KOLUDA quilt so incredibly fluffy and light at the same time.

Przedstawiamy niezwykłą kołdrę z polskiego puchu gęsiego z wyjątkowej kolekcji Koluda marki Luxury Sweet Dreams.

Magic that you must feel for yourself

Najwyższe standardy parametrów sprawiają, że kołdra Koluda jest tak obłędnie puszysta i zarazem lekka.

The exclusive goose down duvet from the KOLUDA line is real magic that you must feel for yourself! Its downiness wraps around your body like a gentle embrace of a loved one, transporting you to a world of undisturbed happiness and peace. The finest down from Polish geese not only highlights the Polish tradition of craftsmanship, but also guarantees the highest standards and care for the environment.

But it is not everything!

The duvet cover will provide you with extraordinary experiences and make you feel special every night. The delicate material is like a velvet curtain of evening dreams, wrapping your sleep in a pleasant aura of intimacy. Mako-satin with a grammage of 105 gr/m2 is characterized by excellent parameters and a unique ability to regulate temperature.

To emphasize the refined character of the KOLUDA Collection, we used a wonderful golden silk trim. This is a real gem in the world of textiles, thanks to which every night in KOLUDA bedding will become a royal experience.

Selected fabrics make the duvet cover remain soft, guaranteeing you an extraordinary feeling of lightness and comfort throughout the night.

The extraordinary fluffiness of this luxurious duvet is an invitation to a fabulous land of dreams, where desires are woven in delicate down clouds. Will you be tempted?

Refined quality enclosed in beautiful packaging

A unique quilt requires a truly royal setting. That’s why we packed our KOLUDA collection quilt in beautiful packaging that emphasizes the refined quality of the collection.

A cardboard box closed with a magnet is an extremely functional and aesthetically made box that you can use to store other items. Perfect as a gift for your loved one!

We love such solutions! And you?

Kołdrę z kolekcji Koluda zapakowaliśmy w przepiękne opakowanie, które podkreśla wyrafinowaną jakość kolekcji.

... because every night is a different story. Add subtle magic to it with a quilt from the exclusive KOLUDA collection!

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