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PILLOW 60X70CM VARIANTS, Goose feather, Pink trimming

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    A dream pillow? This is it! The 60×70 down pillow that will make you feel as crisp after each night as after a weekend at a luxury spa. Soft, yet resilient. Delicate, but durable. 100% natural. Synthetics? Wrong fairy tale. We use only pure feathers and delicate down, which we have carefully placed in 2 chambers of the pillow.

    • The internal chamber is the part filled with feathers. Roll over at will on the pillow and it will return to its shape. Choose between duck or goose feathers.  Duck feathers are stiffer. Do you like to sleep high? This is an option for you. Goose feathers are more flexible, so will delight those who prefer to sleep on a low pillow.  
    • The external chamber is filled with class I duck down. Through the down layer you will not feel feathers but only the relaxing softness. And if the thought of feathers makes your nose twitch, rest assured that the tight cotton satin cover will not let any particles of filling through.


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