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ECO Duvet with 180/200 GOOSE DOWN (20 g) Luxury Sweet Dreams by AMIDOWN


A goose down duvet should be well suited to your needs. It is worth mentioning that their filling (i.e. Siberian goose down) is characterized by high filling power. In addition, the goose down filling has one of the best thermal insulation properties that increase the comfort of sleep and rest at any time of the year. That is why goose down duvets are considered the lightest and most resilient. Goose down duvets from the ECO collection are also distinguished by their construction. They are quilted along the entire length, have a baffel construction. Thanks to this, the down does not move during sleep and does not compact over time, which means that the duvet can be used for many years!

In production, we always keep the zero waste idea in mind. That is why the cotton used in this collection is obtained in the recycling process, 70% of the cotton is obtained in the recycling process of previously used cotton. The remaining 30% of the content is the addition of fresh cotton, unbleached.


Benefits of goose feather quilts
Do you know what you gain by reaching for down quilts? First of all, unquestionable convenience and comfort during sleep. Reaching for this product, you enrich yourself with a product from the ECO collection, which is created in the spirit of “hand made and zero waste” and is in a limited collection.
The 160 × 200 duvet, as well as those in other sizes, is a great support during sleep. Remember that the dimensions should be tailored to your needs and, above all, to your height.
It is also worth mentioning that our products are specially packed. We protect them with sleeping bag sacks. This bag is also made of 100% unbleached raw cotton. So you get a 100% natural product produced in harmony with the environment, which is very important nowadays. With small steps, we contribute to the protection of our common environment.


We can definitely recommend this collection to people for whom the good of our planet is close to their hearts. But also for those who like to spend time in the bosom of nature, e.g. on camping or outdoor trips. Thanks to the well-designed bag, you can replace your old sleeping bags with our ECO products and enjoy the luxury and comfort of sleeping during your hikes or trips … you can throw the duvet in your car and set off on an unforgettable trip.

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Size: 180x200 / Type of filling: Siberian goose down 90% down (FP750 cuin) / Weight of filling: 1260g / Buffle constraction: Yes / Cold zones: No / Collor: ecru


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