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PREMIUM DUVET 180x200cm, DUCK DOWN 700cuin (4 SEASONS)

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Our 180×200 down duvet works just as well as larger duvets. And this happens at any time of the year. Pure duck down warms and ventilates. Freezing or overheating? There's no way. Our duvet only accepts the ideal temperature. Other advantages? Here you go.


A luxurious and exceptionally warm down duvet 180×200 sewn in our small, family workshop. We selected perfectly cleaned duck down and traced every seam to make the quilt durable and safe. We finished the quilts with a white piping, giving it a subtle exuberant finish.



The quality of duck down has been selected so that it complies with European standards and is of first class quality. All our downs were washed at 120 degrees Celsius for at least 45 minutes. Therefore, they are bacteria-free and safe for allergy sufferers.



  • Filling: White duck down 90% 
  • Weight of filling: 840gr (so it would be light and warm)
  • Filling power: 700cuin (in a scale up to 900cuin)
  • Class: I
  • Turbidity of down: 800mm (w skali do 1000mm)
  • Fabric: 100% Cambric cotton with 98gsm (very thin, delicate and downproofe)
  • Piping: white cotton
  • Seasonality: 4 season with an emphasis on autumn-spring. This is a warmer duvet, intended for people who prefer warmth. However, all our products are 100% natural, fabric and filling, which makes each duvet breathe, transmit moisture and regulate the temperature during sleep. That's why we always recommend them as 4-season, with an emphasis on the appropriate season.
  • Baffle construction: YES – the seam divides the duvet into small grids and holds the down throughout the entire volume of the duvet.
  • 3cm internal wall eliminating cold spots: YES


The duck down in this duvet is of Polish origin and has a very high FILLING POWER of 700 cuin, which means that you don't need a lot of it to fulfill its thermal insulation properties. Remember that the duvet cannot be over filled with down because the down will not breathe and will not fulfill its thermal function. There cannot be too little of it, otherwise cold fields will appear and the quilt will be cold. Additionally, we have used a 3 cm inner wall in this duvet which eliminates cold spots. Down is distributed in every centimeter of the duvet.




Another important aspect of a high-quality duvet is the cover. In this case, we have 100% fluff-proof and very thin cotton batiste with a grammage of 98 gms. Standard duvets usually have a thickness of about 140-150 gsm. Which makes them heavy. The inlet in this quilt is very thin and delicate. The thin inlet also prevents the down from creasing, and the duvet always floats nicely on the bed


Each pillow and duvet from the Premium collection is packed separately in hand-sewn cotton zipper bags with handles and a large company logo. You can use them to store other home products.


Want learn more about our fillings?

What is a difference between goose and duck filling? Click here:  goose fillingduck filling

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Filling: 100% natural Polish goose down with 800 cuin fill power, French duck down with 720 cuin fill power.
Cover fabric: Woven inlet (100% cotton with 98 g/m2).
Sewing and finishing: We have finished Luxury Sweet Dreams quilts with inlet-coloured trimming to emphasise the whiteness of the fabric and to give quilts a subtle character.
Additional features: Our quilts are a hand-made products. We sewed them and filled them by hand.
Warranty: We give a 2-year warranty against manufacturing flaws. The basis for a complaint is the proof of purchase included with the purchase.
Maintenance: Wash in up to 40 deg. C, using a mild detergent (recommended liquid with lanolin, 1/3 of the normal amount) with the washing balls. Spin at minimum speed. Dry in up to 60 deg. C. After taking out of the washing machine, keep fluffing. If necessary, dry outdoors away from direct sunlight.


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