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Did you know that a person spends about 20 years of his life sleeping? At Luxury Sweet Dreams, we want it to be a really pleasant 20 years. That is why we produce pillows and quilts that care not only about comfort, but also about your health. Not everyone knows that Poland is the producer of the highest quality goose down in the world. Every manufacturer of luxury bedding will come to Poland sooner or later. We have this good at hand, which is why we use our Polish goose down for our PREMIUM collection quilts. Thanks to this, pillows and duvets are light and warm. Soft but resilient. When you fall asleep under our quilt, you will not want to get out of it.

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Fall for a soft dream

Stiff neck and sore spine? Our pillows will not allow it. The special 3-chamber construction of pillows keeps your head in the right position while ensuring soft filling. Whether you like sleeping low or high, it will be hard for you to take your head off our pillows


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Sleep the way you like

Do you freeze in winter and overheat in summer? Our duvets control body temperature at any time of the year. Natural down differs from synthetic down in that it breathes and wicks away moisture to the outside. It regulates the temperature between the environment and the body. The coffer construction distributes the down evenly throughout the quilt. To eliminate “cold spots”. We used the so-called 3cm inner wall in side of the quilt. Thanks to this, the amount of down in each centimeter of the quilt is the same over the entire surface. The down duvet is light and does not restrict movement, so it will provide you with comfort in any position

Pillows and quilts that will last for years. For you and nature

Do you care about the good of nature? You can sleep well. We make sure that down in our quilts and pillows is sourced according to provisions of ecological manufacturing certificates.

We sew our quilts and pillows in our own Polish sewing room, which meets the highest standards of hygiene and safety. We are proud of that. That is why we sign each product with the Polish flag.

We are not a big industrial sewing room. We are closer to a traditional workshop. Our seamstresses make sure that every stitch is precise and durable. That is why you may expect  that our pillows and quilts of Luxury Sweet Dreams will last you for years…

Our customers?
It has been a long time since they slept so well

In LUXURY SWEET DREAMS we have ordered a wonderful set of bedding filled with down. Bedding is characterized by high quality of workmanship, all beautifully packed for the time of travel to the customer. Additionally, what draws attention is a sewn-in tiny Polish flag reminding us that this is our local, Polish product. Thank you also for the attached tiny note, handwritten by the owners, it was really nice to open the envelope and read a few words from the owners. I wish you always had such a wonderful approach.

Marzena, Poznań

Super quilts and pillows made with the utmost care from high quality down and inlet in a beautiful tofu colour.Light as the proverbial down, warm, beautiful and — noteworthy — in several sizes.I have 200×220 cm quilt, which I strongly recommend.I am sure this quilt will serve us for years and nothing will happen to it.I highly recommend it.

Kraków, Beata

Super kołdry i poduchy wykonane z największą starannością z wysokiej jakości puchu i inletu w ślicznym kolorze tofu. Lekkie jak przysłowiowy puch cieplutkie ,piękne i co godne uwagi w kilku rozmiarach. Ja mam 200×220 i taką kołdrę serdecznie polecam. Jestem pewna, że ta kołdra będzie nam służyć przez lata i nic się z nią nie stanie . Polecam bardzo.

Kraków, Beata


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