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While you sleep blissfully, our 50×60 down pillow takes care of your comfortable and healthy rest with all its might. It resiliently supports head and neck, drains moisture and adapts to every movement. In a word: it tries to be the perfect pillow. But after all, a 2-chamber design obliges.

  • The internal chamber of the pillow encapsulates duck or goose feather filling. If you like to hold your head up high while sleeping, choose a duck down filling. If your taste is for low pillows, you will definitely appreciate the goose down filling.
  • The external chamber of the pillow is filled with 100% natural class I duck down. This is where the secret of the pillow’s extraordinary comfort lies. Fine down particles circulate freely in the chamber, insulating you from the harder feathers of the internal chamber. The result? Softness that will pamper your sleep. To top it off, the cotton satin cover is soft but tight. There is no way that down is going to come out of our pillow.
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Additional information

Filling: 100% natural Polish goose down with 800 cuin fill power, French duck down with 720 cuin fill power.

Cover fabric: Woven inlet (100% cotton with 98 g/m2).

Sewing and finishing: We have finished Luxury Sweet Dreams pillows with inlet-coloured trimming to emphasise the whiteness of the fabric and to give pillows a subtle character.

Additional features: Our pillows are a hand-made products. We sewed them and filled them by hand.

Warranty: We give a 2-year warranty against manufacturing flaws. The basis for a complaint is the proof of purchase included with the purchase.

Maintenance: Wash in up to 40 deg. C, using a mild detergent (recommended liquid with lanolin, 1/3 of the normal amount) with the washing balls. Spin at minimum speed. Dry in up to 60 deg. C. After taking out of the washing machine, keep fluffing. If necessary, dry outdoors away from direct sunlight.


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