Down duvet180x200cm


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This quilt is 100% down in down! Extremely soft and lightweight. It works like a giant hot-water bottle, trapping warm air to delightfully warm your body. We sewed this 180×200 down quilt in a small, family-run workshop using only fresh goose or duck down. Every stitch is a promise of a healthy, deep sleep.

  • Coffer construction — down in our quilt does not circulate on the whole surface but is closed in coffers. The seams hold the same amount of down in each coffer, so you will not hit ‘cold spots’ while sleeping.
  • High seam — in order for the down to keep you warm, it needs to float in the coffers and trap heated air. That is why we use 3 cm high seam, so the down can work freely.
  • Fluffy lightness — goose and duck down have large particles that collect a lot of air. Therefore, even a small amount of down gives a lot of warmth. A heavy down quilt? Not with us.

What about allergy sufferers who may be irritated by natural down? We use down that has been perfectly cleaned of dust, and the cotton satin quilt cover does not allow any particles to escape.

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Additional information

Filling: 100% natural Polish goose down with 800 cuin fill power, French duck down with 720 cuin fill power.

Cover fabric: Woven inlet (100% cotton with 98 g/m2).

Sewing and finishing: We have finished Luxury Sweet Dreams quilts with inlet-coloured trimming to emphasise the whiteness of the fabric and to give quilts a subtle character.

Additional features: Our quilts are a hand-made products. We sewed them and filled them by hand.

Warranty: We give a 2-year warranty against manufacturing flaws. The basis for a complaint is the proof of purchase included with the purchase.

Maintenance: Wash in up to 40 deg. C, using a mild detergent (recommended liquid with lanolin, 1/3 of the normal amount) with the washing balls. Spin at minimum speed. Dry in up to 60 deg. C. After taking out of the washing machine, keep fluffing. If necessary, dry outdoors away from direct sunlight.


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