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JACKOB PILLOW 40X40CM, Duck feather, Pink trimming

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    A game for everything. Small in size, but big in capabilities. This is our little feather pillow. Whatever task you put it through, it will perform brilliantly. It will go through a post-lunch nap with you, become a chic decoration of your living room or help your tired back. On top of that, the little down pillow does not feel inferior to larger pillows at all. It accompanies them unabashedly into the bedroom to ensure you get a delectable night’s sleep.

    This little pillow, like our other pillows, has 2 compartments. The internal chamber conceals 100% natural feather of geese or ducks. The small size of the pillow does not allow for more, so the external chamber is empty, but not even the smallest particle of feathers will escape through the cotton batiste cover. Any allergies or irritations? Out of the question.

    The little pillow knows how to please different tastes. Do you like flatter pillows? Choose a little goose feather pillow that has 15% down in it. If you prefer to sleep up high, choose a little duck feather pillow.

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    Filling: 100% natural Polish goose down with 800 cuin fill power, French duck down with 720 cuin fill power.
    Cover fabric: Woven inlet (100% cotton with 98 g/m2).
    Sewing and finishing: We have finished Luxury Sweet Dreams quilts with inlet-coloured trimming to emphasise the whiteness of the fabric and to give quilts a subtle character.
    Additional features: Our quilts are a hand-made products. We sewed them and filled them by hand.
    Warranty: We give a 2-year warranty against manufacturing flaws. The basis for a complaint is the proof of purchase included with the purchase.
    Maintenance: Wash in up to 40 deg. C, using a mild detergent (recommended liquid with lanolin, 1/3 of the normal amount) with the washing balls. Spin at minimum speed. Dry in up to 60 deg. C. After taking out of the washing machine, keep fluffing. If necessary, dry outdoors away from direct sunlight.


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