Luxury Sweet Dreams

Duck and goose feather pillows

A short nap or a deep sleep? Luxury Sweet Dreams pillows will give your body maximum relaxation whenever you feel like relaxing. When you touch our pillow, you will feel the smooth white of cotton satin, and your eyes will be enveloped in a subtle inlet-coloured trimming. But what is truly remarkable is hidden inside our pillows.

3-chamber pillow design — pure comfort

Luxury Sweet Dreams down pillows consist of 3 chambers — 1 internal and 2 external.

External chambers — for comfort 

We filled the outer chambers with 100% fresh, first-class duck down. Down melts gently under head pressure, which is why our pillows are so soft. The outer down lagging prevents the feathers from escaping through the pillow cover so that nothing can disturb your sleep.

Internal chamber — for health

The internal chamber is the heart of every pillow. Contains fresh duck and goose feather filling. The feathers are harder and more resilient than down. This way our pillows support your head in the right position and prevent neck pain.

Choose a pillow to sleep low or high

For the internal chamber you can choose a filling with a predominance of goose or duck feathers. If you like to sleep high, we recommend more duck down. For those who prefer to sleep low, the advantage of goose down will be appropriate.

Feather pillows for safe sleep

Down and feathers in our pillows are cleaned of all substances and micro-organisms that can cause allergies or irritations. We have chosen the thickness of the cover so that even the tiniest particle of down does not get out.

A pillow that will stay with you for a long time

Luxury Sweet Dreams pillows are filled only with first-class down. We sew them in a small Polish sewing room with care for every stitch. This makes our pillows durable. With proper care, their lifespan is even 10 years.

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