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Down of Polish goose


Polish Kłodzko goose

With a velvety, white plumage, resistant to summer heat and winter frost, oat-feeding and grazing slowly in natural conditions — this is the Polish Kłodzko Goose. For 50 years now, this species of geese has been supplying feathers and down, which are impressively known for their softness and excellent insulation properties. 

Luxury Sweet Dreams pillows and quilts are filled only with down from the Polish Kłodzko goose.

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Down of Polish goose


Pure, white colour

Feathers and down of Polish goose are ideal for delicate covers of quilts and pillows. Goose down has a uniform white colour without stains or discolourations and is carefully cleaned from dust particles during manufacturing process. This ensures that the colour of down does not go through the inlet, and you can use our quilts and pillows even in the most luxurious bedroom.

Large, developed down

Down balls consist of a million fluffy limbs that intertwine and retain air. The more limbs the down has, the better its thermal insulation properties. The down feather of the Kłodzko goose consists of almost 2 million fluffy rays that will keep the body perfectly warm.

Lightweight, resilient structure

Polish goose down is characterized by high elasticity. You can stress it as you like, and it will return to its original shape. That is why goose down and feather quilts and pillows are so comfortable and durable. In addition, one goose down grain weighs no more than 0.002 g, so the quilts are very light. We guarantee that when lying under our quilt you will only feel heat.

Down of Polish goose


Are you afraid that feather pillows and quilts and down might cause an allergy? The down we use meets the highest hygienic standards. In the production process, down is washed at 120°C to remove dust, bacteria and micro-organisms. Moreover, Polish goose’s down, despite its high density, drains perspiration moisture perfectly and allows the skin to breathe freely. House dust mites have no chance to develop in a dry environment. That is why goose down pillows and quilts will ensure healthy sleep even for allergy sufferers.

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