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    DUVET 160×200 FROM THE DREAM COLLECTION – this is our supplement to the offer for those who want a 100% natural, breathable and goose down filled quilt, and at the same time are looking for more budgetary solutions.

    Goose down was qualitatively selected in such a way that it complies with European standards. All our downs have been washed at 120 degrees C for at least 45 minutes. Therefore, they are free of bacteria and safe for allergy sufferers.


    • Size: 160×200
    • Filling: white goose down 90/10EN
    • Filling weight: 525gr
    • Filling power: 700cuin (scale up to 900cuin)
    • Class: I
    • Turbidity: 700mm (on a scale up to 1000mm)
    • Fabric: 100% cotton, 130gsm
    • Purpose: SUMMER. It is very light duvet. Perfect for worm nights, summer time, or for those who preffers to sleep under thinner duvets. all our products are 100% natural, the fabric and filling, which makes each quilt breathe, let moisture through and regulate the temperature while sleeping. That is why we always recommend them as 4 seasonal ones with an emphasis on the right time of year.
    • Cassette construction: YES – the seam divides the quilt into small grids and keeps the down on the entire volume of the quilt
    • Outer wall: No
    • Inner wall: No
    • Fluffy lightness – a down quilt cannot be filled with down, because it will not breathe and thus will not regulate the temperature under the quilt. Each duvet is filled with enough down to meet its thermal insulation properties.


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