Luxury Sweet Dreams

Duck and goose down quilts

You have had a hard day. You feel like you are slowly getting overwhelmed by sleepiness. You go into the bedroom, slip under the quilt, and after a while soft heat envelops your body. From the feet to the shoulders. Evenly. This is how our quilts work. We fill them with 100% Polish goose down or French duck down and close them with a down-proof fabric cover. But this is not so simple.

Coffered construction of quilts – down in place

Our quilts have a coffered construction. Precise stitching divides the quilt into small areas, which we fill with down. The seam walls are 3 cm high. Down floats freely in every part of the quilt, but does not move. That is why our quilts do not have so-called ‘cold spots’ that appear when the seam is flat. The coffered quilt provides comfort no matter what position you like to sleep in.

Goose down quilts

Polish goose down is exceptionally resilient. Goose down balls accumulate a lot of air, thanks to which they have excellent thermal insulation properties. A small amount of goose down is enough for the quilt to warm you up. So if you like warm but light quilts, those with goose down will definitely work in your bedroom.


Duck down quilts

French duck down is very dense. Duck down is slightly heavier than goose down, but it also insulates against the cold and drains moisture. Believe us — a duck down quilt will warm up even the most chilly fellow.


Down quilt for safe sleep

All our quilts are covered with cotton batiste. The weave of the fabric is selected so that down cannot get through the inlet. The appropriate density of the fabric also limits the development of mites. Are you afraid that the down quilt is a stone-cold allergy? We guarantee that even people allergic to dust or struggling with asthma can sleep safely under our quilts.

The quilt that will stay with you for a long time

Our quilts are made in a small Polish sewing room. We use materials from the top shelf – class I down and a delicate but tight inlet. This makes our down quilts an investment for years.